CARAMBA performs pre-clinical and clinical research, targeting endogenous and exogenous
molecules, in combination with state-of-the-art bioinformatics with the global goal to improve human health care
and disease prevention.

Previous and current research
Using primarily mass spectrometry, we perform large-scale proteomic and metabolomic studies with the aim to improve understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease, and to advance prediction of disease onset and progression.

Proteomics is the global screening of the proteome, consisting of the functional components in our body, the proteins. Proteins are encoded in and generated from our genome and are composed of sequences of amino acids folded into an active shape. Misfolding of proteins can cause functional impairment and if not taken care of can result in development of disease. Metabolomics is the comprehensive profiling of the dynamic molecular network called the metabolome, which consist of low-weight molecules or metabolites and is the closest biological layer to phenotype. As metabolites constitute all intermediate- or end product of all chemical pathways, changes caused by various pathophysiological processes will immediately leave traces in the metabolome.

Group members
Kim Kultima, Associate Professor
Torbjörn Åkerfeldt, Physician
Eva Freyhult, Researcher/bioinformatician
Payam Khoonsari Emami, Postdoctorial researcher
Stephanie Herman, PhD student
Sandy Abujrais, Laboratory technician
Niclas Rollborn, Laboratory engineer



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