Clinical Phenomics

CARAMBA performs pre-clinical and clinical research, targeting endogenous and exogenous molecules, in combination with state-of-the-art bioinformatics with the global goal to improve human health care and disease prevention.

Group member Position
Kim Kultima Associate Professor
Torbjörn Åkerfeldt Physician
Eva Freyhult Researcher/Bioinformatician
Payam Khoonsari Emami Researcher/Bioinformatician
Stephanie Herman PhD student
Sandy Abujrais Laboratory technician
Niclas Rollborn Laboratory engineer


Clinical Proteomics & Metabolomics
We have developed and implemented mass spectrometry-based methods for proteomics and metabolomics, including targeted and untargeted analyses of hormones, lipids and small signaling molecules in human cerebrospinal fluid and blood samples. These signals are further connected to biological pathways and demographic patient data. We are currently involved in three large efforts;

Characterization and stratification of multiple sclerosis phenotypes
Improve diagnostic markers for chronic pain states
Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

We are also part of the EU Horizon 2020 project PhenoMeNal with focus on implementing clinical metabolomics into the clinic.


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